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PromotionBox is a specialist company that helps organisations both large and small increase their sales volume and brand exposure. We have a diverse range of expertise within traditional and new mass media which includes newspaper advertising, on-line promotional offers, publication based competitions, in-store promotions, product placement or corporate events… We utilize multiple channels to get to your products and your brands to your audience.

Press releases

PromotionBox Reveals Advertising Boosts UK Economy by £100bn a year

London-based promotional and advertising firm http://www.promotionbox.co.uk|PromotionBox predict a successful year for UK advertisers following the... read more

Press Release • 14.03.2013 • By PromotionBox

PromotionBox Outline 3 Business Services that are About to Boom

PromotionBox UK launched a range of new marketing services in 2012. The firm outline 3 business services they predict will be in huge demand by... read more

Press Release • 14.02.2013 • By PromotionBox